Saturday, November 29, 2014

Getting Gums in Shape is Easier and Faster than Gym Workout

Got bleeding, irritated, swollen, reddish-pink gums? Until you get to the dentist to check this condition, you can actually do much to get your gums in better shape.

Since gum disease starts because of plaque build-up, preventing its accumulation is the first step. Three easy workout tools you can use in your car, at work or while watching TV are: floss, Rotopics and salt water. Flossing is the best way because it works between teeth and under gums in one sweep. Roto-pics are specially-designed plastic toothpicks that clean between teeth while massaging the gums. Salt water is one of nature's tissue healers. Swishing with it will almost instantly relieve gum irritation.

These workout methods work quickly. You'll notice improved health within two weeks of daily practice. Now drop down and give me thirty.... , er, floss-ups!..?

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