Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hair 4 Floss?

Extreme Cheapskates, a new show on TLC, is showing us that just using coupons isn't enough to save on dental hygiene.

Check out the videos of unusual dental hygiene habits by clicking the photo below:

Do you have any "Extreme Cheapskate" dental habits? Would you use these tricks to save a buck?

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Proof Positive...or Negative

There's good news for people who may have metal and other allergies or sensitivities that make them concerned about materials dentists use to restore teeth. A dental materials reactivity test is the relief they've been looking for.
A simple blood specimen is all that's needed for a specialized lab to analyze and provide a detailed report of the results. The report discusses what “families” of materials may not be suitable for that person. Once the dentist has the information, he can use the “suitable” materials for treatment, which is a big relief for the patient.

If you're concerned about existing metal in your mouth or about dental materials, call us and we'll be glad to discuss the test with you.

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