Friday, November 21, 2014

Flossing For Fun or Practice

Flossing is as important for keeping teeth and gums healthy as brushing because it can reach areas where the brush can't reach. Flossing takes less time than connecting to the Internet. Why, then, don’t more people floss?

Floss gets the bottoms of purses, in the glove box or hidden behind bottles in the medicine cabinet. Flossing is learning to tie your shoes. Flossing is not a choice time-filler...when stuck in traffic, you'd rather call a friend on the cell phone.

How can flossing be converted into a “front burner” habit? Keep it handy... next to the remote or to the mouse. Make it a daily ritual like reading the morning funnies or counting the days until your vacation. Soon you may actually get grouchy if you miss a workout.

Go to it! Your teeth will thank you.

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