Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Diabetics' Dental Health

According to information from the Academy of General Dentistry, one half of all diabetics don’t even know they are diabetic. Without this awareness of their condition, these diabetics aren’t able to take the necessary precautions for maintaining their physical and dental health.

Diabetics are more susceptible to oral infection than non-diabetics. And their infections tend to be more severe. Tooth decay resulting from “dry mouth” and receding gums from accelerated plaque build-up are two common infection problems diabetics encounter. To avoid these infections, diabetics may need to use prescribed antibiotics and/or medicated mouth rinses, in addition to frequent cleanings, to help maintain their oral health.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for a diabetic. Keeping blood sugar levels under control, communicating any health changes with the dentist, and treating infections immediately will help to prevent periodontal disease and other serious oral infections from developing.

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