Saturday, November 8, 2014

What do Funeral Directors and Dentists Have in Common?

Amalgam dental fillings!

Amalgam, which contains mercury, is commonly used to fill tooth cavities. When a body is burned, mercury from any silver fillings vaporizes. Once released into the atmosphere, mercury returns to the Earth in rain or snow, ending up in lakes and other bodies of water, where it can lead to elevated levels of mercury in fish. In humans, mercury damages the nervous system and can harm childhood development.

This health risk to the living was Colorado health officials' unprecedented argument last year against a funeral director who planned to build a crematorium close to a residential neighborhood. He was told to either install a costly filter on the smokestack or... (yikes!) extract the filled teeth before cremation.

If you are concerned about your own metal fillings, we can remove them safely now, so a stranger won't have it later.

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