Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is Your Budget Too Tight for Tooth Care?

Is Your Budget Too Tight for Tooth Care?

In a period of economic melt-down, having a toothache would be icing on the cake for many who already have overdue bills and an upside down mortgage.

In pain, and broke and the root canal will be $800. The new crown will be $850.

You have no dental insurance and credit cards are not an option. Outside of borrowing from family or friends, the best option is to finance treatment with a company that specializes in loaning money for dental work. Being approved is more possible than you think. After filling out a simple application in your dentist's office, you can get the good news before your emergency exam is over. Some payment plans are even interest-free for up to 18 months!

If you do have insurance, dental financing can help to pay any of your portion.

When you need dental care now, dental financing is a great option.

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