Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hi-Tech Means No Pain!

Hi-Tech Means No Pain!

There is a cool tool I use in my practice called the WAND. Since I began using it 10 years ago, my dental patients now regard anesthetic injection as a much more pleasant and positive experience.

The WAND looks like and weighs about as much as a pen, making it easy to hold. It is connected to a computer which controls the speed and flow of anesthetic. This control means “comfort” for the patient. From the start, the WAND pre-anesthetizes the pinpointed area, paving the way to painless and effective numbing. Since the source of discomfort for most people is actually the anesthetic flowing, many will definitely be relieved at how painless the whole injection will feel. It is also possible to reduce the lingering numbness of the tongue, lips and face.

Like white fillings, the WAND is a great technological advancement for dentistry that may benefit anyone who sees a dentist.

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