Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bat Cave Talk

Bat Cave Talk

Robin : Holy, hair-raiser, Batman! The pain from my sensitive teeth is like an electric charge to my head!

Batman: Hmmm. It would seem that the sensitive inside layer of your teeth is exposed to outside elements.

Robin: Zoinks, Batman! How did that happen?

Batman: It's quite simple, Robin. You may have worn enamel and/or receding gums... a prosaic pairing, to say the least.

Robin: Holy cacophony, Batman! Even touching my teeth or breathing in cold air screeches through my head like Catwoman's nails on a chalkboard.

Batman: Right again, Robin. Tooth whitening formulas, pregnancy or continuous, harsh brushing can make it even worse. But, your dentist can provide options such as desensitizing products and fluoride treatments.

Robin: Holy sonic boom, Batman! The thought of eating ice cream, breathing through my mouth, or even having my teeth cleaned, sends me through the roof! I'd better call my dentist! Thanks, Batman!

Batman: Um, you need to wash the Batmobile first.

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