Thursday, October 9, 2014

Boo (Hoo) : Halloween candy consumption and you!

With Halloween just around the corner, it may be increasingly difficult to refrain from dipping your hand into the candy bowl. Of course, the short-term benefits of a sugary snacks are just that. Short-term.  The long-term effects from eating sugary foods can be detrimental not only to your dental health but can raise your blood sugar to harmful levels.

Checking out a Glycemic Food Index is also useful in determining which foods to eat to maintain a steady, healthy blood sugar level. Compare your favorite candy's sugar levels before you indulge. For example, one Fun Size 3 Musketeers bar has 10 grams of sugar, whereas one Hershey’s Kiss with Almonds is only 2.2 grams per Kiss. If you can satisfy your sugar craving by eating a Hershey’s Kiss instead of a 3 Musketeers bar, you can apply the "sugar savings" on food that fuels, instead.

Maintaining a healthy body includes keeping your teeth healthy, too. The increase in consumption of sweets around the holiday season can also create plaque build up and yellowing of the teeth if not teeth are not tended to correctly. Make sure to floss, brush your teeth and/or chew sugarless gum after consuming sugary foods and drinks.

So, over the next few weeks, take precaution and be more mindful about what you are putting into your body.

 The Natural Health Advisory gives a great list as to the symptoms of high blood sugar levels. See below for the list of symptoms:
       Increased thirst
       Dry mouth
       Always being hungry
       Frequent urination and/or urination during the night
       Dry and itchy skin
       Daily fatigue or extreme tiredness
       Difficulty concentrating
       Excess abdominal fat/weight gain
       Recurrent infections
       Blurred vision
       Slow healing of cuts and wounds
       Nerve problems
       Stomach problems

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