Thursday, October 23, 2014

“Frequent Flyer” Dental Patients Earn Rewards

Some people have an unabated fear of flying in airplanes. Willingly, they avoid long-distance travel, or opt for train or car travel. This plan works well until a personal emergency or last-minute business trip occurs.

Some people have an unabated fear of seeing the dentist. Willingly, they avoid dental check-ups and feel they are brushing well enough. This plan works until a dull annoyance becomes a piercing tooth ache while on a last minute business trip. Murphy’s Law strikes again.

Emergency calls to the dentist are most frequently made by patients who come in only “when it really hurts”. Conversely, “regular” patients have fewer emergencies and their symptoms are less severe and more easily treatable. because the dentist is familiar with the patient’s dental and health histories.

Regular dental visits offer the advantages of continued health and lots of leg room.

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