Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Barbells on Their Tongues

Barbells on Their Tongues

If you are considering oral piercing, you need to be aware of the procedure and its associated risks:

1. The needle used is typically seven times wider than a needle used for anesthetic


2. No anesthetic is used.

3. The practitioner probably does not have formal training or knowledge of anatomy or sterilization techniques.

4. Infection may occur and swelling of the tongue may result, causing choking.

5. Other side effects may include prolonged bleeding, permanent numbness, loss of taste and interference with speech and chewing.

6. Pierced tissues in the mouth may facilitate transmission of viral infections, such as Hepatitis and HIV, into the bloodstream.

7. Manipulating the metal tongue barbell against the teeth can brake or chip them.

Always investigate sterilization practices of the practitioner and then consider alternatives, such as magnetic jewelry, before taking the final plunge.

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